Changes in Menstrual Cycle After an Abortion

The drug combination you receive when you buy abortion pills is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The drugs work to expel the pregnancy tissues out of the body through vaginal bleeding. This method of pregnancy termination is only applicable to women’s up to 10 weeks pregnant. If you are more than 70 days pregnant, you have to opt for other methods of abortion

The whole process of pregnancy termination can take up to a week or more to complete. It can take up to 14 to 15 days to confirm the efficacy of abortion pills. After this, your body resumes to the regular life. The efficacy of the medicine is highest if it is used in the early stages of the pregnancy (in the first trimester) and as instructed by the health expert.

The regularity of your menstrual cycle totally depends on your menstrual cycle before undergoing pregnancy termination process.

Bleeding During the Medical Abortion Process

Bleeding after taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol is different from the regular menstrual cycle. There has been a great misconception in women about the bleeding during pregnancy termination and after pregnancy termination. The bleeding is usually heavy than the regular periods and you even can have blood clots in your bleeding. The reason for having blood clots in vaginal bleeding is the dead fetus tissues expel out of the body through vagina only.

Expected After Effects of Medical Abortion

The bleeding starts within 24 hours (in some cases within 5 to 6 hours) after taking Misoprostol because of uterine contraction. This is generally heavier than the normal menstrual cycle. This is why the doctors prescribe the ladies to use maxi pads and avoid using tampons and menstrual cup to soak blood after the medicine consumption and to avoid any kind of urinal infection.

If you have soaked a pad within 2 hours and the bleeding is more than suspected, you must consult the doctor immediately.

When to Expect First Menstrual Period After Medical Abortion

Most women have their menstrual period within 2 months of fetus removal. However, the time is not fixed it varies in different women. Some women get it earlier and some take time in having continued periods. It is normal to suspect shedding and spotting after a medical abortion. The fetus tissues are expelling out of the body through this.

The pattern of the menstrual period does not change after a medical abortion. The nature of your periods remains same as it was before fetus removal. The medical abortion process neither harms your menstrual cycle process nor interrupts in your future pregnancies.

The maximum time period a woman body takes in continuing menstrual cycle is 70 to 80 days after an abortion. In case, you didn’t get your periods within 2 to 3 months, consult your doctor immediately.

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