How to Deal with Post Abortion Trauma ?

How to Deal with Post Abortion Trauma ?

It is very common among females feeling depressed or low after having an abortion. This is also known as Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome commonly known as “PASS”. Abortion always remains a psychologically difficult task for every woman. It becomes more dreadful if the woman has to undergo a surgical abortion as it gives both physical and psychological torture to the woman. This is why most of the woman nowadays opt for abortion pills for a painless and complication-less abortion. This method includes consumption of few drugs such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol to end an early pregnancy.

After undergoing an abortion, a woman often experiences stress and trauma. The reason of PASS occurring may be the lady was forced to abort the baby against her wishes because the male partner didn’t want a baby then. So, what can a woman do to overcome this?

There are some best tried and tested methods listed below to deal with the stress and trauma after an abortion.

• Acknowledge Your Problem

It is important to acknowledge your problem rather than ignoring it. In many cases where woman ignored their situation have landed up having major depression issues at last. So, it is very important to understand your situation and if you are not feeling well, talk to partner, friends and family.

• Have Your Family Members with You

The best way to deal with your stress and tension is by being in the presence of the family members and friends. The presence of the family creates a positive environment. The care of the family makes the woman happy and comfortable. This helps her forget the tragic experience she has just gone through.

• Do Not Blame Yourself

The lady needs to understand that she doesn’t need to feel guilty as abortion decision was not her fault. The husband or partner can help the lady to overcome the grief and back to the normal life again. The partner can help her understand this situation.

• Keep Yourself Busy

Being busy after an abortion will help you to forget that phase of your life. Continuing your work life, going out with friends and family members is another way to deal with post-abortion stress and trauma.

• Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy food is also a good option to overcome stress and trauma after a fetus termination. Healthy food provides you energy and generates positive feeling in the body. By this, the woman gets back to her normal life within a short time span.

• Consult a Doctor

If all these aforementioned things don’t work for you then the next step is consulting a doctor. A psychiatrist or a psychologist may help you recover as soon as possible. The psychiatrist can understand your problem properly and can offer a suitable treatment and medication to you.

• Take Appropriate Antidepressants

The woman should take appropriate antidepressants or medicines if prescribed by the doctor as they help relieve stress, relaxes the brain and helps her to cope up with the situation. However, the intake of such medicines should be in limit.

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