How to prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

How to prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

Unwanted Pregnancies are like unpleasant surprise gifts and we all hate unpleasant surprises. It can become a nasty shock for a lady. There can be many reasons for having an unwanted pregnancy like-

It Can Be a Contraceptive Failure

The most common reason found in many of the unintended pregnancies is a contraceptive failure. The Oxford Family Planning Commission conducted a survey to calculate the percentage of women who were likely to conceive even if they tried the various contraceptive techniques. The results showed that women on contraceptive pills were 0.3 per cent likely to become pregnant, and those on diaphragm were 1.9 per cent, those using condoms 3.6 per cent, using spermicidal 11.9 and this percentage for natural abstinence was 15.5.

Unavailability of Contraceptive Measures

This happens when both of the partners forget to refill their contraceptives. When both the partners are on the urge of having a sexual intercourse and they are not having any protection, most of the time they avoid this important thing and indulge in a sexual activity; and this becomes the reason of having an unwanted pregnancy.

Missing More Than 2 Birth Control Pills

If a woman misses more than 2 doses of her birth control pills then the chances of her getting pregnant increases. This can also become the reason for an unintended gestation.

– Another very important reason for conceiving without wish can be forced sex or rape.

• How to Avoid Unwished Gestation?

Avoiding gestation is better than looking for various abortion methods. If you wanted to avoid unwanted pregnancy, consider the following points.
1. If you and your partner are planning to indulge in a sexual activity, be ready with all available options of contraception.
2. You can buy birth control medicine like Ovral online to prevent pregnancy.
3. Ask your partner to use a condom every time you have sex.
4. In case, you forgot to have protection and indulged in a sexual activity, take Plan B emergency contraceptive pill within 72 hours to avoid fetation.
5. Do not always depend on Plan B emergency contraceptive pill as its excessive use can be harmful to health. Try to be always ready with other protection methods

• How to Cope Up with Unwanted Pregnancy?

Try not to panic in this situation. Finding yourself pregnant doesn’t mean that it is the end of the road for you; always remember you can cope up with the situation yourself. You can easily terminate the fetus with Abortion Pills in the initial weeks of gestation.

Do not feel guilt and shame of your doing other than taking responsibilities of your actions. Taking action on time is better than regret. If you want to hide your situation, you can buy Abortion Pills online to maintain your privacy.

Online abortion pill providers that we know and trust:, and  Three of these well-established organizations have teams that are highly trained and highly trusted. You can visit their websites to learn more about the services they offer, including the provision of mifepristone and misoprostol.

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