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Ovral L Tablets is oral Birth Control Pill which is a combination of two hormone Levonorgesterol and Ethinyl estradiol to prevent pregnancy. It contains 28 tablets packs, 21 tablets of active hormones. It should be taken after unprotected sexual intercourse and suspected birth control failure. Ovral-L prevents ovulation, inhibits transport of sperm and egg and hence fertilization gets prevented and also prevents the implantation of egg by altering the lining of uterus.

ovral L is a birth control pill that prevents a women from pregnancy.

What Is The Mechanism of Action of Ovral L Tablets?

Ovral L Birth Control Pill taken orally as contraceptive, it obstruct the release of hormones follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) as well as luteinizing hormone(LH), which prevents ovulation. It decreases the motility of the sperm by increasing the viscosity of the vaginal fluid to prevent fertilization. The lining of uterus gets changed to prevent implantation of fertilized egg.

What Are The Conditions In Which The Use of Ovral L Pill Is Contraindicated?

  • Hypertension
  • Neoplasia
  • Coronary artery and cerebrovascular disease
  • Thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders
  • Jaundice of pregnancy or Jaundice occurs while using birth control pills.
  • Headache with focal neurological deficits.
  • Liver disease or Liver carcinoma.
  • Carcinoma of endometrium.

What Are The Drug Interactions of Ovral L Birth Control Pill?

Anastrozole, Exemestane, Tranexamic acid, Tizanidine, Tamoxifen, Osmipefene, Ombitasvir, Paritaprevir, Ritonavir, Dasabuvir, Griseofulvin, Rifamycins, St. Jhon worts, Barbiturates, Carbamazpines, Phenytoin, HIV drugs (Nelpinavir), Primidone, Felbamate.

How To Store Ovral L Birth Control Tablets?

Ovral L tablets should be stored at 25°C in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

What Is The Correct Administration of Ovral L Tablets?

Take one tablet daily for 21 consecutive days and after a gap of 7 days without taking any pill, again start with new pack of dosage form. Fresh course of Ovral L tablets should be taken on the first day of menstrual period.

What to do in case of missed dose of Ovral L Tablets?

When a woman missed the dose of a single day, take the dose within 12 hours. If in a case if she misses two or more pills then she should take 2 pills for two consecutive days after the last day failure day and the rest should be continued. But there should be required of barrier contraceptive (Condoms, spermicides, diaphragm) for next seven days.

What to do in case you take over-dose of Ovral L Pill?

In case of over dose of Ovral L tablets, immediately go to the doctor or nearby hospital.

What Are The Side Effects of Ovral L Birth Control Pill?

The common side effects are:-

  • Swelling of hand and feet and breast pain.
  • Freckles or darkening of skin.
  • Change in weight or appetite

The severe side effects are:-

  • Depression
  • Migraine severity gets increased.
  • Pain in chest, shoulder and arm.
  • Loss of appetite

What Are The Safety Measures Should Be Adopted While Taking Ovral L Pill?

  • The Ovral L tablets should be avoided during breast feeding.
  • It should not be taken when you are planning to become pregnant.
  • Hypersensitive to any of the compound of Ovral L tablets.
  • Don’t take if have abnormal genital bleeding.

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